Typology of Goods and Production Economics

You all will be wondering, why such a topic on architecture blog…! It’s because this is a part of Socio Economic Aspects of Architecture and Planning. I have covered all the following topics in this presentation:- Typology of Goods Production Economics Land Labour Capital Entrepreneur Here is the presentation- Typology of Goods and Production Economics.ppt … Continue reading

Typology – Market, Land and Real Estate

Meaning of Market:– Any body of persons who are in intimate business relations and carry on extensive transactions in any commodity. According to French economists market is not only a place in which things are bought and sold but the whole of any region in which buyers and sellers are in such interchange with one … Continue reading

Man and Environment

Social considerations have a greater impact on the pattern of development. Location of settlements basically depends upon four factors-: 1. Land Form– these are basically categorized into plain areas and hilly areas. (a) Plain Areas: These areas basically characterized by the moderate temperature and ease of construction. So the population of plain areas is more … Continue reading

Socio Economics aspects of Architecture and Planning

It basically deals with the social and economical considerations. Social considerations are related to the habits of the people and the various social aspects are- 1. Density of Population – Quality of life will be affected 2. Age Group – Habits vary according to the age group 3. Literacy Level 4. Religion – Different cultures … Continue reading