Importance of Bye-Laws

The Building Byelaws are defined as the standards & specifications designed to grant minimum safeguards to the workers during construction, to the health & comfort of the users & to provide enough safety to the public in general. The regulation set out the basic requirements to be observed in the of  design and construction of … Continue reading

Another concept for Building Green

I guess everyone atleast once in their lifetime must have used shadows of tree to protect themself from scorching sunlight. Here is a small article which tells about the benefits of building green environment in the present world.

Solar Energy Devices

As the time is proceeding further, the demands for energy are increasing. This is not only causing the depletion of energy sources but also increasing the threat for the future generations. So it is very importat to have a sustainable development by the means of renewable sources of energy like Solar Energy. Sustainable Architecture aims to … Continue reading

Passive Cooling Techniques

• PASSIVE COOLING TECHNIQUES are least expensive means of cooling a home which  maximizes the efficiency of the building envelope without any use of mechanical devices. • It rely on natural heat-sinks to remove heat from the building. They derive cooling directly from evaporation, convection, and radiation without using any intermediate electrical devices. •All passive cooling … Continue reading