Presentation on Arch Systems

– Arch is a curved structure designed to carry loads across a gap mainly by compression. – The mechanical principle of the arch is precisely the same as that of the portal frame. The straight pieces of material joined by sharp bends are smoothed into a continuous curve. This increases the cost of construction but greatly reduces the … Continue reading

How to design like an Architect

Hello everyone, I came across this very interesting video on youtube which titles – “How to design like an Architect. “. It explains about how an architect starts to think about a project and how the design is formulated on a piece of paper. Just go through it and i hope you will also like … Continue reading

Another concept for Building Green

I guess everyone atleast once in their lifetime must have used shadows of tree to protect themself from scorching sunlight. Here is a small article which tells about the benefits of building green environment in the present world.

Architecture doors open for all

Students from even commerce and humanities streams can pursue course: Many students are still unaware that architecture is a career option even for those who did not take up science in class XII. Those from commerce and humanities streams can also get into architecture provided they have studied mathematics in class XII. According to the … Continue reading

Passive Cooling Techniques

• PASSIVE COOLING TECHNIQUES are least expensive means of cooling a home which  maximizes the efficiency of the building envelope without any use of mechanical devices. • It rely on natural heat-sinks to remove heat from the building. They derive cooling directly from evaporation, convection, and radiation without using any intermediate electrical devices. •All passive cooling … Continue reading

Architecture and Design e-books (Collection Part-1)

Hello friends, I have gathered some of the links for the free e-books available on net. Hope you like my effort. 1. link to charles correa’s book. 2. laurie baker…low cost housing 3. Cafe & Restaurent Design Book Download 4. architects portable handbook-pdf file 5. pdf file on interior lighting design 6. Time Saver Standards … Continue reading