Stone-Cut decoration pieces

Here are some of the Gwalior stone cut flower vases and fountains which can be used to decorate your interiors, courtyards, entrance patios and foyers.

Dream House in the Trees

Tree houses lift the spirits. They inspire dreams. They represent freedom: from adults or adulthood, from duties and responsibilities, from an earthbound perspective. If we cannot fly with the birds, at least we can nest with them. With lively writing and beautiful photographs, tree houses paints a fascinating portrait of this ingenious branch of architecture. … Continue reading

Landscape Design Elements

These are the elements or materials used for designing. They are used to attain certain design goals. These can be categorized in different categories:- 1. Origin:- Natural or Manmade The landscape materials can be classified on the basis of there origin i.e. natural or manmade. Natural materials include those which are available from nature like plants, … Continue reading

Landscape Architecture

In order to study about Landscape architecture, we need to gain certain knowledge about the terms used in it. Landscape:- Something which is natural, beautiful, which surrounds us. In short we can say that Landscape is something which we appreciate. Design:- It is defined as organisation of few components in an orderly manner. Landscape Architecture:- … Continue reading