Stone-Cut decoration pieces

Here are some of the Gwalior stone cut flower vases and fountains which can be used to decorate your interiors, courtyards, entrance patios and foyers.

Interior Design Terminology

Presentation on Office Interiors

•Office interior design is as vital whether the office is at your home or in a commercial building. In either of the cases, a proper planning is necessary to get the best results. •An ideal office is one which has all the comfort, safety and functionality along with eye catching environment. •Interior design is an … Continue reading

Interior Design as a Profession

Interior Design is the planning, layout and design of interior spaces with buildings. These physical settings satisfy our basic need for shelter and protection, set the stage and influence the shape of our activities. An interior designer norture our aspiration and express the ideas which accompany our actions. They affect our outlook, mood and personality. … Continue reading