Green Architecture

Green Architecture also known as “sustainable architecture” or “green building” is an approach to architectural design which emphasizes the place of the buildings with both local ecosystems & global environment. It aims to create environmental friendly and energy efficient buildings. It entails actively harnessing renewable natural resources like solar energy and utilizing materials that cause … Continue reading

Another concept for Building Green

I guess everyone atleast once in their lifetime must have used shadows of tree to protect themself from scorching sunlight. Here is a small article which tells about the benefits of building green environment in the present world.

Modern Architecture

Changes in Architecture As we are heading towards the new era, a lot of advancement is being made in the field of architecture. All the boundaries, all the barriers have been crossed in construction industry and there is noting which cannot be constructed. Here are some of the links which will help you observe the … Continue reading

Architecture and Design e-books (Collection Part-1)

Hello friends, I have gathered some of the links for the free e-books available on net. Hope you like my effort. 1. link to charles correa’s book. 2. laurie baker…low cost housing 3. Cafe & Restaurent Design Book Download 4. architects portable handbook-pdf file 5. pdf file on interior lighting design 6. Time Saver Standards … Continue reading