Help me choose a field in M.Arch

Question: I have completed my B.Arch with interior branch. Now I want to do M.Arch but am confused which field to opt for? Please Suggest. Answer: Catering to the dwelling needs of fellow beings and creating structures that cater to individual needs, an architect is a designer, environmental expert, artist, visualizer and creator all rolled into one! … Continue reading

Does Architecture get you jobs?

Question – I am planning to take up architecture but many say it does not provide job guarantee and lacks scope. Please advise… Answer – A good choice of career (and therefore course!) is the one that is in keeping with one’s unique combination of interests, personality and abilities (hard and soft skills). Think about … Continue reading

Creativity Unlimited : Scope of Architecture as profession

A profession in architecture is much sought after now-a-days…. Since the origin of mankind, a roof over one’s head had been one of the basic needs, the other two being food and clothing. Whether architecture as a profession existed in India may be debated but it was the artisans and craftsmen who built temples, palaces … Continue reading

Home Maintenance in Monsoon

Source: htcity July 18, pg.3 Here are some of the home tips which needs to cater during the monsoon season. 1. Don’t renovate home: In the monsoon season, it is best to avoid renovation work like painting walls and waterproofing. If you detect a renovation issue during the rainy season, get professional help to fix … Continue reading

Thought for the day : Art and Architecture

Art is imagination, art is creativity. Art is not just concerned with aesthetic pleasure but it has had a profound influence on society since time immemorial. Art does not only involve paintings or sculptures, but also connects our subconscious and conscious worlds. It is a form of expressing our feelings. Art effects everything we do, … Continue reading

Career in Architecture and Interior Design….?

Q: I have appeared for my class 12 exams. I am interested in interior design. Can I get a break in the field after an architecture degree? What is the difference between interior design and interior decoration? A: Interior design is concerned with creating functional and beautiful interior spaces in houses, public buildings and commercial … Continue reading