Requirements of ideal Damp proofing (DPC) material

1. Damp proofing material should be impermeable or very low permeability. 2. It should have strong adhesion (fixation ability) with substrata on it. 3. Should be sufficiently elastic to withstand expansion and contraction of the sub strata due to temperature fluctuations. 4. High resistance to abrasion and cracking. 5. Its application should be easy to … Continue reading

Purpose of Effective Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance evolve from French word “Maintinir” which means hold/sustain/up to date, is the preservation to the extent of level where any unit remains serviceable. We maintain buildings to serve the purpose. We require maintenance to enhance the life of structure, for safety and convenience of users, save money- to prevent from unplanned expenditure. • Preventive … Continue reading