Creativity Unlimited : Scope of Architecture as profession

A profession in architecture is much sought after now-a-days…. Since the origin of mankind, a roof over one’s head had been one of the basic needs, the other two being food and clothing. Whether architecture as a profession existed in India may be debated but it was the artisans and craftsmen who built temples, palaces … Continue reading

Does Architecture get you jobs?

Question – I am planning to take up architecture but many say it does not provide job guarantee and lacks scope. Please advise… Answer – A good choice of career (and therefore course!) is the one that is in keeping with one’s unique combination of interests, personality and abilities (hard and soft skills). Think about … Continue reading

Scope of Urban Design

It is to provide a framework for exploring the meaning and scope of urban design is contemporary planning and urban development. Central Argument: Urban Design is neither big architecture nor limited to urban landscape issues. It does not operate solely at the interface between planning and architecture. Why Urban Design is important? 1. Ecological Significance: … Continue reading

Help me choose a field in M.Arch

Question: I have completed my B.Arch with interior branch. Now I want to do M.Arch but am confused which field to opt for? Please Suggest. Answer: Catering to the dwelling needs of fellow beings and creating structures that cater to individual needs, an architect is a designer, environmental expert, artist, visualizer and creator all rolled into one! … Continue reading

Presentation on Ar. Raj Rewal

•Raj Rewal was born in hoshiarpur, punjab in 1934 and was among those who first encountered the application of advanced western theories of urban and building technologies in their country. •From 1939 to 1951 he lived in delhi and shimla and attended harcourt butter higher secondary school. •He also attended delhi school of architecture, new … Continue reading