Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Islamic Architecture is known for its grandness and geometry. The shapes and forms used for the construction are true in nature.  Vivid use of colors and use of precious and semi-precious stones enriches its glory to manifolds. •Geometry is one the most important elements of Islamic art. “Star shapes and polygons appear in all the arts and … Continue reading

Study of Contours

Contours are generally referred to any undulation in the flat surface. Each contours is defined by the joining of all the contour intervals along the same plane. Contour Intervals Depend Upon : 1) Nature of ground – In flat or uniformly sloping countries, contour intervals are kept small while in steep or broken countries, contour interval … Continue reading

Architecture Thought of the Day

M-Color – Plugin for Presentation Drawings

M-Color, developed by Cadalyst LABS is a very easy to use plugin with AutoCAD for making 2D presentation drawings.It improves the quality and appearance of AutoCAD designs. You can apply graphic effects to whole AutoCAD layers and save color configurations for re-use with other drawings – an essential feature for productive CAD work. Here is … Continue reading

Sanitary Requirements of Different Buildings

  Presentation Download –  Sanitary requirements of different buildings

Cybertecture – Innovating the fabric of Mankind – James Law

James Law is  the founder, chairman and chief cybertect of James Law Cybertecture International. He is a qualified RIBA architect, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation, an adjacent professor at Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and a board member of the Hong Kong Design Center. Since 2000, he … Continue reading