Construction Planning and Management

Concept of project management and construction planning was given by Fredrick Winslor Taylor (1911) as Scientific Management Theory. The basic principle of construction management is to have quality control, check in construction cost and to finish work in speculated time. We can also say that the reason for construction management is because a large amount of money is spent, so it should be spent wisely and meticulously.

Objectives of Construction Management :
• Evolving reputation of high quality workmanship.
• Completing work within estimated budget and time.
• Providing safe conditions for all personnel management level through delegation of authority.
• Taking sound decisions at lowest practical management level through delegation of authority.
• Creating an organization that work as team.
• Completing work with estimated budget and time.

Functions of Construction Management :
• Planning and Scheduling
• Organizing
• Staffing (provision of people)
• Directing
• Controlling (constant review of work plan)
• Co-ordinating (to be in harmony with others; in this communication is the key.

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