Urban Terminology

• Urban Structure – how a place is put together and how it’s parts relate to each other. • Urban Typology – spatial types and morphologies related to intensity of use, consumption of resources (sustainability), production and maintenance of viable communities. • Accessibility – providing for ease, safety and choice when moving to and through … Continue reading

Changing trends in cities

# “Concept of Neighborhood” was introduced with changing trend in society. Neighborhood is basically a self contained community which provides maximum social interaction to the inhabitants and basic components are the housing clusters, neighborhood center, education facilities, recreational facilities and circulation network. • Planning of “Housing Cluster” is based upon the income group of the … Continue reading

Thought for the day…

Purpose of Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC)

The purpose of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) is to provide minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction of buildings and their systems. The building sector represents about 33% of electricity consumption in India, with commercial sector and residential sector accounting for 8% and 25% respectively. Estimates based on computer simulation models indicate that ECBC-compliant … Continue reading

Purpose of Effective Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance evolve from French word “Maintinir” which means hold/sustain/up to date, is the preservation to the extent of level where any unit remains serviceable. We maintain buildings to serve the purpose. We require maintenance to enhance the life of structure, for safety and convenience of users, save money- to prevent from unplanned expenditure. • Preventive … Continue reading

Thought for the day : Art and Architecture

Art is imagination, art is creativity. Art is not just concerned with aesthetic pleasure but it has had a profound influence on society since time immemorial. Art does not only involve paintings or sculptures, but also connects our subconscious and conscious worlds. It is a form of expressing our feelings. Art effects everything we do, … Continue reading