Seminar on Building Science

As definition by Wikipedia, Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. Traditionally includes the detailed analysis of building materials and building envelope systems.

The knowledge about building science is equally important as the study of its construction. Here is a seminar/presentation on the subject of Building Science explaining the following components—

•Introduction to building science.
•Relevance of building science.
•General geology of earth’s crust.
•Modes of rock formation.
•Action of river glaciers, sea, wind & underground water.
•Factors governing selection of building stones.
•Geological criteria governing selection of sites.

Hope it helps in some way or the other. You may leave a comment or suggestion about the same…

One Response to “Seminar on Building Science”
  1. Luby says:

    Oh! I’m impressed by this post. Sorry for my English, but it is not my mother tongue. I will subsribe your blog to my RSS reader and will be back. I hope I will learn something new 😉

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