Sikh Architecture – Golden temple Complex, Amritsar

Sikh Architecture is an amalgamation of religious architecture of the buildings of the faith and traditional Indo-Sarsenic style. It includes all the buildings serving the devotional, ritualistic and religious functions of the Sikh Community. We can spot any Sikh temple from distance by seeing a flag mast (Nishan Sahib) which is draped in yellow or … Continue reading

Construction of Lifts / Elevators

Here are some of drawings and case study images on Lifts which may help in construction. The data consists of all the drawings along with their dimensions and some of the specifications.  I have compiled everything in a rar file which can be downloaded from the link below. Lift system-A2.pdf Lifts / Elevators.rar

Architecture Course – latest news

KR Mangalam, an architeture institute, has started its Bachelor of Architecture programme. This programme aims to equip students with the best in creativity and technical education. This institute is equipped with a high-tech studio and world-class infrastructure. The course has been structure to facilitate learning in creative and technical aspects, along with industrial understanding. Source: … Continue reading

Construction of Glass Curtain Wall

Hello friends, In today’s world, construction of glass curtain walls are in lots of demand. We may define curtain wall as an outdoor covering of a structure with non-structural outer walls. Glass curtain walls are very useful as it controls the weather inside the building, allows light to enter without any structural barrier, easy to … Continue reading