Louis I. Kahn


·         Louis Kahn was born an 20th Feb. 1901 in Estonian Isel of Osel 

·         He was U.S. architect  educator and philosopher and is one of tore most 20th century architect.

·         In 1905 he migrated to Philaphedia with his parents  and thus Philaphedia became base for his  activities and vehicles for many of his planning theories.

·         He was gutted at both painting and music and had scholarships in either.

·         At the age of 16, inspired by his school he took architecture

·         In 1924 the graduated from university of Pennsylvania school of arts.

·         In 1928 because Art  of Education send him to Europe due to his drawing abilities where he saw antiquity of Roman and Greek which impressed him a lot.

·         In 1947, he visited, Yale as a critic and soon made professor there.

      5 years later he designed an extension to yale which was the first modern  building of  Yale.

·         In 1950 he became an architect of international status.

·         Le corbusier touched his sense of architecture a lot i.e. he was inspired by him.

·         After Frank Lloyd wright he was on his position.

·         After Louis I’ Kahn’s death his drawings and papers were purchased by common wealth of Pennsylvania and placed in custody of Pennsylvania and museum commission. 


For more information, check this word document.  Louis I.Kahn


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