Landscape Architecture

In order to study about Landscape architecture, we need to gain certain knowledge about the terms used in it.

Landscape:- Something which is natural, beautiful, which surrounds us. In short we can say that Landscape is something which we appreciate.

Design:- It is defined as organisation of few components in an orderly manner.

Landscape Architecture:- It is not only organisation of components but creating relationship between the building and surrouding. Functions of a space can be different so we need to modify and organise natural and manmade components to create functional spaces.


  • As an architect, we have a responsibility to plan something good for human kind and also ensure about the health and safety.
  • Due to global warming, heat content has raised to a large extent and so we have to depend on the mechanical devices to lower the heat.
  • This problem can be solved by adopting good landscaping techniques. Landscape can create a cooler microclimate.
  • As a profession, it is very relevant in present era. Big projects are engaging architects and planners just for landscaping.

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