Architecture Journals Collection – (part 1)

Hello friends, Here are some of the journals on architecture which i found while surfing on net. I hope that these might help you in your course. ArBITAT – ArchiAfrika – AIA Journal – archiseek – ArchiNed – Architype Review – ArchitectureINK – archINFORM – Artkrush – … Continue reading

Architecture of India

Hello  friends, here are some of the pictures which depict the ecclesiastical architecture of India…. Architecture of India

How to Make Work Feel Effortless

Hi, We spend a lot of time trying to find ways to be more productive. To do things faster, better, cheaper and spend our time more effectively. But instead of just doing more in less time, maybe we should focus on actually enjoying the work we’re doing instead. This is not related to architecture but … Continue reading